At Elite Management Solutions, our associates, business people with experience, knowledge and tangible results in their field’s base, will help you get better management and control of your business' resources.

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    Transform your raw data into meaningful and useful information. Information in a meaningful, enjoyable and powerful way, based on your accounting data.



    Elite Management Solutions is the perfect choice for all your web development and web designing needs. We visualize analystically the words, design, and content for the website of your company. We believe that internet-based resources are really important for the development of your company.

    Come and discover a new way to to enhance your business.

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    We create unique social media strategies for each business, and our trained experts will help you generate creative ideas for your company. Elite Management Solutions will help you discover the social presence and its impact on SEO.

    We will add creative ideas to your social platforms and help you to be the most influential business online.

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    At Elite Management Solutions we believe that traditional or classic marketing is insufficient in a Digital Era. Therefore, we have created this consultancy to complement your strategies of traditional marketing (offline) with Digital Tools based on the Internet or digital marketing (online). Blended marketing means mixture, between the marketing online and offline.

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    Our software, a complement of the accounting and finance consulting, will enhance your financial reports. Discover a new way to make your financial reports with our consulting department and their technological tools.

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    Our Design Services team combines top-notch design-agency capabilities with their technology and industry expertise. At Elite Managmenet Solutions you will get an effective and innovative solution, considering the user experience and interaction with the design, documentation and learning programs.

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    Expand your Business Globally

    Elite Management Solutions is the only consulting and management company in the U.S. dedicated to the Angolan market. We run services that satisfy our client's needs, supported by a team of experts in the international trading market.

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Analytics Dashboards

Finance Dashboard

Our Finance's dashboard presents information in a meaningful, enjoyable and powerful way, which is based on your accounting data. As a result, you can increase your knowledge about the financial performance of your business, as our dashboard will show complete analysis of results by costs, units or business areas.

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Expenses Dashboard

Our Expenses Dashboard will help you visualize different concepts of savings generated from your purchases, and will help you to understand the impact of the supply process based on the knowledge of your data.

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Sales Dashboard

Our Sales Dashboard will help you to analyze your data from their sales and management systems, allowing you to exploit all this information centrally and with a power previously only imagined. The indicators will show you where to focus their efforts on the sales process.

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International Trade

A small business owner must know and understand the market trends. Market research is simply an orderly, objective way of learning about people, your potential customers, and sustain your business venture. Market evaluation is the most critical element of a successful business planning, which provides the basic data that will determine if and where you can successfully sell your product or service, and how much to charge according to the market trends.

If you are thinking of starting a new business or expanding into new markets, proper market evaluation is critical to success. While it may sound deceptively simple to figure out if a market exists for your product or service, it's probably one of the most difficult challenges for a business. The process involves scrutinizing your competition and your customer base and interviewing potential suppliers. The information collected can help you adopt your product or service to better meet customer needs. In some rare cases, it might lead to a totally new, but financially rewarding venture.

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