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Elite Management Solutions is the only consulting and management company in the U.S. dedicated to the Angolan market, running services that meet their client's needs, supported by a team of experts in the international trading market. Founded by an executive with extensive experience in the international market, Elite Management Solutions was born from a desire to combine both market relationships: Angola - U.S. & U.S. - Angola. Elite Management Solutions is prepared to meet the standards that your business demands. Moreover, we offer our complete support such as introducing you to the culture between the two countries. All of our professionals are fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Complete Services that boost your international trading

International Trade gives you the opportunity to expose your goods and services to consumers globally. Elite Management Solutions works to provide complete solutions that will boost and support your business globally. Click on the dropdowns below to learn more about our services related to International Trade: 

Consulting Services

Elite Management Solutions works to provide all assistance needed by your company during the investment process. Our consulting services will guide you through the execution of international trading and its investment policies. Learn More

Opportunity Identification

Elite Management Solutions is determined to thrive your business by strengthening your international competitiveness. What must be established before starting your business in the U.S. or Angola? What good business opportunities exist abroad? Elite Management Solutions will help you answer and analyze these questions with certainty. Our experts will identify opportunities for your business in both markets, Angola and the United States. Learn More

Public and private investment projects

We foster economic growth and prosperity through the Angolan and U.S. market trade. With high standards of personal integrity and teamwork, Elite Management provides investment solutions and financial opportunities in the U.S. and Angola. Learn More

Planning and Organizing Support Services

Investing in a new market can be tedious. We provide our customers with a series of steps that will guide them through the investment process in the U.S. and Angolan markets. Learn More

Accounting and Tax Advisory

Often business owners encounter troubles with taxes and accounting. As a result, time that should be used in expanding and promoting the business is used to handle this problems. Elite Management Solutions offers a wide range of services that cover not only income taxes but payroll and accounting, which helps you dedicate entirely to your core business. Learn More

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