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Elite Management Solutions works to provide all the assistance needed by your company during the investment process. Our consulting services will guide you through the execution of international trading and its investment policies. Taking into account all the possible benefits, risks and requirements for import - export of materials, equipment, investment and more, Elite Management Solutions will guide you through a successful international trade, specialized in the market relationship between the United States and Angola.

Being one of the largest trading powers in the world, the importance of the American market knowledge resides in its demanding and competition to establish trade relations.  Angola has become the fastest growing economy in Africa, encouraging investors from all over the world to invest in Angola. Elite Management Solutions is the only company dedicated to the Angolan - U.S. market, and guides investors through a successful import and export of materials, equipment, raw materials, vehicles, consumer products, among others. We establish criteria assessments and careful quality control directed to your product or service in Angola and the United States.

Created services to assist you in the execution of international trade in the U.S. and Angola markets.

  • Back Office: everyday management services of your business, involving the receipt of correspondence, phone calls and others.
  • Financial and Tax: Monitoring, sending all tax and tax liabilities, accounts payable, receivable, accounting and others.
  • Recruitment and Selection: human resources services with a view to eventual hiring and management of employees involved in your operations.
  • E-Commerce Management: Order Fulfillment for the entire logistics operation of your e-commerce business, from the reception to the dispatching of the goods.
  • Logistics and Distribution: Operational Support Services in short and long term, based on logistical importance for both for importers and for exporters.
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