Planning and Organizing Support Services

Investing in a new market can be tedious. At Elite Management Solutions, we provide our customers with a series of steps that will guide them through the investment process in the U.S. and Angolan markets. This steps will enhance your business and are designed and developed specifically for each business. Some of this steps include but are not limited to:

  • Creating a company: Opening your company and recording all relevant information including licenses, if necessary, for its operation.
  • Physical and Fiscal Domicile: We provide the tax address for all your business operation in the U.S., as well as the physical facilities needed for its operation.
  • Financial Services: Support and follow-up of financial situations, including obtaining bank accounts for handling and credit.
  • Trademark Registration: Registration of the intellectual property like name, products, domains and logos, with the competent U.S. and Angolan authorities.
  • Market Research: We develop the necessary research and feasibility studies on the potential of your business in the USA and Angola. This research is able to identify the strengths of your product, which ones should be improved, satisfaction surveys, identification and price competition in the U.S. and Angolan markets, and more.
  • Strategic Planning: All steps are detailed planned and will indicate the way to move forward with your business.
  • Partner Search: direct or indirect partners that may add up as representative’s suppliers, distributors and even investors.
  • Know the Law: Learn how to work the legal issues in the US market: its policies, licenses and permits required for your business viability.
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