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It is really common to notice how the misconception of what a marketing plan consists of affects the strategies and goals of a business. 

Marketing Plan is a structured written document that defines commercial objectives to be achieved in a determined period of time, where it also details strategies and actions to be taken to achieve goals in a determined deadline.

The principal objective by which a Marketing Plan must be done is to achieve the business’ general goals that are related to the market trends, where attracting new customers, creation of a brand, customer loyalty, and improvement of sales will increment the participation of a company in the market.

The Marketing Plan is essential for any of the company’s processes and efficient profitability commercialization of any product or service. The importance of the Marketing Plan resides in its strategies and direction to take in order to succeed. Trying to make a project successful without having a Marketing Plan is the same as navigating in a stormy sea without any marine chart or clear destination. Some steps that comprise the marketing plan are:

  • Describe and explain the current status of the product

  • Specify the results wanted (Objectives)

  • Identify the resources needed (Financial, time, and skills)

  • Summary of situation’s analysis

(SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)

  • Market Analysis

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Analysis of the 4P’s ( Product, Promotion, Place, Price)

  • Implementation

  • Financial summary

Elite Management Solutions is a company dedicated to satisfy the needs of small and even big businesses in the U.S market.

It’s not a secret that the consumption has changed in the last decade. If we bear in mind that mobile traffic will continue to rise, and rise as smart devices become more popular, the advertising and marketing efforts from your company has to evolve into Internet, Social Media & Mobile Usage.

While marketing covers the advertising of the design of the product, its distribution, price, the analysis of the hearings, location, fodaanalysis, it works also as an "overcoat" of your product or service. Big companies or corporates use marketing as an vital tool for growing, where they invest a substantial amount of money for that purpose. In contrast with the misconception about marketing, the advertising of a product or service is the last step in the marketing process.

In the corporate marketing it is essential to generate sensation of need. Elite Management Solutions understands that many companies and small businesses want to continue growing inside and outside of the United States. That is why we like you to take the challenge, and our responsibility is to equip you with tools that will allow your business to differentiate from your competitors' products or services in order to increase your sales.

The consumers are in continuous evolution, which generates new opportunities, but it also forces companies adapt to the market trends. Often, most sellers only invoice a fraction of their possibilities, in spite of their efforts. It is for this important reason that many companies have a management vision from the perspective of marketing, and change it according to their strategy.The strategic marketing promotes the companies and create a competitive advantage.

Blended Marketing

At Elite Management Solutions we believe that the traditional or classic marketing is insufficient in a Digital world. Therefore, we have created consultancy guide that will complement your strategies of Traditional Marketing (offline) with our expertise in the Digital Tools through Internet or Digital Marketing (online). Blended marketing means a mixture, between the marketing online and offline.

We think that the strategies of marketing must be implemented from both perspectives. Our consultancy plan is a joint activity between the consultant and the client to create a marketing that identify tools online to complement the tools offline, in order to contribute to the development of your business. Defining a digital strategy and developing a solution that optimizes the business plan of business will all be be part of the consultancy plan. If you don’t have a business plan, we will make sure to create one that adapts to your needs and market trends. 


As we analyze and evaluate your strategies of marketing and your environment and situation of your business, we will do the following: (1) Analyze the situation, (2) Determine objectives, (3) Creation of strategies, (4) Make an action plan, (5) Establish a budget, and (6) Establish methods of control.


If your company does not have a Marketing Department, or even if it is small or newly begins, we will be your ally, as our Marketing Department will work hand in hand with you to position your company in the right way.

Some small and medium companies cannot afford the expense of a Marketing Department for their company, in this case, we provide the services of our Marketing Department that entitles the marketing tools that we offer. If you want more information about our services, you can contact us by submitting the form below:

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