Financial Reports

At Elite Management Solutions, we like to adapt to each of our clients' unique reality. This is the reason why we use software developed by us, which is a complement of the accounting and finance consulting services. Elite Management Solutions' consulting department works together with our own and 3rd party technological tools to deliver efficient and useful services to our clients.

The electronic business screen is a software created by Elite Management Solutions, which will allow you to see and analyze in a clear and simple form the most important indicators of your business. With this application you could observe with plain detail:

  • Purchases and minimum calculation requirements

  • The behavior of your sales by day, month and year

  • Margins and utilities in general by product

  • Customer billing and cash flows

  • Inventories, losses, and inventory control

This tool allow you to have absolute control of your business by showing you the results from a graphic and statistical panorama in which you will achieve to have an evaluation about the actual status of the business allowing you to grow continuously when distinguish and separate your utilities. We ensure you that the traditional form of decision making will change; since now they will start from a firm foundation based in the data given by the different reports and analysis of the system.

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