Web Application Development

Website Design

Our Marketing and Website Development Department work hand in hand with you to develop websites that follow standard rules for getting good quality. We have and develop websites for many different types of businesses. Our web designers have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality!

Standard Rules Followed by us while designing web site are :

  • Website should be easy to read

  • Website should be easy to navigate

  • Website should be easy to find

  • Website should be optimized for smaller screens

  • Web pages layout and design should be consistent throughout the site

  • Website should be quick to download

Web Programming

We provide a wide range of Branding, Marketing, Design and Internet Solutions. Our number one goal is to make certain that all of your needs are met, and that are projects are effective above and beyond their intended purpose. We offer a wide range of web solutions that relate to login, sales, and more. We transform your ideas into reality.

Web Apps:

We offer a wide range of services and support for our clients. One of our services is the web apps, where we can set up customized apps where you will easily manage your website, like uploading new slides, blogs, new items, new phones, etc. All of them are customizable and easily to understand and use. This service is helps you to do modify some areas of your website without needing us to do it for you. Of course, we are always more than happy to modify it for you.

Website Pages:

Based upon your contract and the final design you selected, we create as many static or dynamic pages as needed to complete your site. All your site will be optimized for the mobile devices, or we can create a website specifically for the mobile devices. 


One of the most important uses of the websites is to recollect your customers' data. Of course what will be the use of your website if you don't know how has visited in the last month or you don't have any data from them. That's why we offer CRM which are linked to your websites through web forms that will recollect the data of your customers in order to send mobile or email campaigns (2 more of our services).

Website content:

Incorporation of your logo, photos and text content is included in all projects. Custom logo design is available for an additional fee, please inquire if interested.

Favicon Website:

A favicon is a small image that displays in the address bar and on the favorites menu when someone bookmarks or adds your website to their “Favorites”. Creation of a favicon is included in all custom website development projects.

Contact Forms Response Forms / Email Contact Forms:

We always recommend at least one contact form for your visitor’s convenience. Using a contact form, a visitor can email you directly from your website without needing to open their email program. This is especially convenient if a visitor is not using their own computer when their email program is not available.

Website Maintenance

Our Marketing and Web Development Department is constantly monitoring the websites we create. Personal, friendly service, the professional’s choice for one-stop, cost-effective web site maintenance. We take care of the details so you and your staff can get back to doing what you do best: running your business! Moreover, we offer the web apps which allows you to change some areas of your websites if that's what you prefer, but you can always call us and our associates will be more than happy to help you out. 

Maintenance Services Include:

  • Add photos, graphics, graphs and charts.

  • Add breaking news or upcoming events.

  • Changing contact information.

  • Updating Meta tags for updated Keywords.

  • Product changes and additions.

  • Updates to calendar or events.

  • Text re-writes and improvements.

  • Keeping the homepage fresh for return customers, and much more!

*Most of these services can be set up through the Web Apps so you can easily do it yourself if you desire to have more control. 

Website migration

Website migration does not have to be hectic if the process is broken down and planned into steps. When a website migration is handled accordingly and done well, your website visitors would not even noticed that a website migration occurred.

For businesses who see moving their website as an overwhelming task, but want to gain the benefits of a more reliable service, more business features and competitive price Elite Management Solutions offers this service for its business customers.

Our experienced system administrators will take care of each step involved and will make sure that everything operates exactly as it should once the move is completed. With Migration Service provided by Elite Management Solutions, you can feel confident knowing your site is being moved by knowledgeable and experienced professionals you can rely on; allowing you to reap the benefits of moving to another web hosting company.

Website Deployment

We develop a website based on your needs:

Want to publicize it to the world? We do it for you, on over a hundred search engines follow it up with good SEO to make sure you stay “on the list” at all search engines for your product!

Need a shopping site…. we give you a shopping cart and all that’s required to start setting up your own store with the website.

Thinking of selling stuff through your site? We have the solution. We integrate shopping carts and make your site capable of becoming your store on the web with a huge market.

Blog or news? We got it. Our Marketing and Web development will be more than happy to create a blog or news site for your business. 

All in one? Don't worry, we can integrate all and more of these type of solutions to your website. 

Want more we can also do customization & installation of a wide array of open source web-based applications.

E-Commerce Solutions

There are millions of people across the globe that uses Internet as a marketplace to buy things online. Reason behind such inclination is due to flexibility, more variety, 24X7 support, easy, secure and fast process. A key factor is that the customer who explores your website be comfortable of how he experiences the online system.

Elite Management Solutions helps you grow revenue by improving your online business, whether you are a start-up, a large company with complex, multi-store and multi-currency operations, or somewhere in between. We can wrap our ecommerce solutions around whatever business strategies you have.

We expertise in developing user friendly ecommerce based websites and portals so that you can promote and sell your products online. We provide an intuitive shopping experience, giving your site higher closing rates and more revenue per sale. Our back office integration capabilities ensure a seamless flow of information for a more efficient and profitable business.

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